If you could go anywhere in the world to teach, where would you choose to go? With so many options around the world to choose from, what makes Taiwan the right choice for our teachers?

We asked some of our new teachers to share about how they chose Taiwan, and what made our program specifically stand out to them. 


Video transcript below. 

Nicole: 3... 2... 1!

Stephen: I was looking at different options. I taught English abroad before and I was looking at different countries and Taiwan was very appealing.

Julia: I always knew that I wanted to teach abroad. I love travelling, but I also am passionate about teaching, so I wanted to combine the two.

Nicole: We knew we wanted to come and teach in Asia, specifically, and when Foresight came to our student job fair, at our university, we fell in love with the idea of coming to Taiwan.

Alejandro: So I had actually chosen Taiwan before I found Foresight. I had some friends recommend it to me because they said it was a great place to live, cost of living, everyone's very friendly, it's quite safe, so sure! I'm in.

Julia: I heard so many amazing things about Taiwan. It's in a wonderful location if you do want to travel to other countries, but even within the country, because we can't travel right now, it has so much to offer as well.

Stephen: There's lots of mountains to explore, it's a very safe country too, from the research that I'd done, and it has great transportation links that would make it easy to get around, so, there's just some of the reasons why I chose to come and teach in Taiwan.

Amanda: Part of the reason that I chose Foresight is I knew I wanted to go abroad, and when I went to a job fair, the presentation was really, really good.

Alejandro: When I was at the career fair at my university at Nipissing, there was a company I knew was coming that hired for Taiwan and that was Foresight.

Nathaniel: Both of us, wanting to go abroad, having a job fair, and having Foresight there gave us that opportunity.

Alejandro: And so I looked into them, everything sounded right, so I came here.

Amanda: One of the things that I really loved was the fact that they use Ontario curriculum.

Julia: The Foresight program also integrates Ontario curriculum and methodologies.

Amanda: I'm Ontario trained. I really wanted to get a better understanding of how to actually use it in the classroom.

Julia: I'm an Ontario teacher and that helps me to grow my profession and gain experience that's useful for when and if I do go back home to teach.

Nathaniel: The idea of Ontario curriculum and going into something that we're comfortable with,
and that we have spent, you know, two years in our teaching program doing, I think, gave us that level of comfort.

Nicole: And being able to take that experience from Taiwan back home when we choose to be in a school board.

Amanda: I loved the fact that I would be able to build upon what I learned in school and use a lot of the strategies that my professors had taught me, and actually see what works best for me, especially with a wide variety of kids, a wide variety of abilities - that was really appealing.

Nathaniel: Asia was on the forefront of our mind, and we'd heard a lot of good things, so Foresight was a clear choice.


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