Festivals and Holidays

  • Spending Chinese New Year in Taiwan - Visiting Dihua Street

    Dihua Street Lunar New Year Market attracts thousands of visitors

    One of our Foresight staff members share photos and reflections from visiting Dihua Street Lunar New Year Market last year, an annual event cancelled due to the pandemic this year. 

  • Halloween Fun at School!

    FIEC Halloween 51

    One of the exciting parts of teaching English abroad is being able to introduce our students to some unique elements of western culture. Halloween isn't traditionally celebrated in Taiwan (although it is becoming increaingly popular with the influence of western culture), but it's an opportunity for teachers to engage students in some fun, themed activities in ESL class. Check out the creative costumes by our ESL teachers this year! 

  • Spending Christmas in Taiwan


    While it’s the most wonderful time of the year for many countries around the world, in Taiwan, Christmas is a much smaller ordeal.

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