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  Getting around Taiwan is easy since Taiwan is a small island and has a well-developed infrastructure and public transport system making travel in and outside of cities simple and convenient. Here are some options for getting around:

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To drive in Taiwan, you must have a valid international driving permit.trans06 pic The roads and vehicle laws are similar to Canada- left-hand drive vehicles with opposite traffic on the left. Driving a car in Taipei is a challenge due to the small, tight roads and the numbers of vehicles jockeying for position. Driving is a less convenient option as traffic is heavy at times and it is time consuming to find parking.

Due to limited space and low cost, another popular form of transportation in Taiwan is the scooter. Instead of, or at least in addition to owning a car, most families have at least one scooter. During rush hour, it is not uncommon to see hundreds of scooters and motorcycles filling the gaps between cars, busses, and taxis at each intersection.

For road signage and translations see the Road Traffic Safety site.
  For more information about driving and licenses in Taiwan, visit the Foreigner Assistance Center or FB:Foreigner Assistance Center