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  Getting around Taiwan is easy since Taiwan is a small island and has a well-developed infrastructure and public transport system making travel in and outside of cities simple and convenient. Here are some options for getting around:

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There are buses to nearly every neighborhood in Taipei. Some routes are clearly marked in English and busses may be more efficient than the MRT due to the number of bus routes and frequency.

trans04 pic● Airport Shuttle:

One-way tickets from airport to Taipei are less than NT$ 150, depending on destination.

● Intercity Bus:

Bus routes between different cities around Taiwan. Prices vary from NT$150 - NT$700, depending on destination.

● City Bus:

NT$ 15 - NT$ 25 per zone.

All the prices listed above are for single adult tickets. In addition, there are also free shuttle buses connect between hospitals and shopping malls to MRT stations.

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