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Official Name: Republic of China

Capital City: Taipei City

Largest City:  New Taipei City

Area:  36,193 km2

Location:To the west of the People’s Republic of China,west and southwest of Japan,and north of the Philippines

Government: Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic

Currency: New Taiwanese Dollar (NT$/TWD)日月潭

Population: Over 23.3 million (2013 estimate)

Language: Mandarin Chinese. Taiwanese, Hakka, Formosan languages and Fuzhou dialects are recognized regional languages. English is sometimes used, but mostly in Taipei.

Religion: Buddhism, Taoism, I-kuan Tao and Christianity.

Time: GMT +8

International: +886

Internet: tw

Emergency:  110 (police), 119 (ambulance/fire)



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Holiday Date
New Year’s Day Jan 1, 2017
Chinese New Year Jan 27 ~ Feb 1, 2017
Peace Memorial Day Feb 28, 2017
Children’s Day & Tomb Sweeping Day Apr 3~4, 2017
Dragon Boat Festival May 30, 2017
Moon Festival Oct 4, 2017
Double Ten Day (National Day) Oct 10, 2017